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Everyone deserves a “soft landing.” The Empowered Endings Foundation is committed to shifting the paradigm of end of life care so that a gentle and dignified ending is the rule, not the exception. Our non-profit organization works to provide access to the support and guidance needed to improve End of Life Care for all.

Our Mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the Empowered End of Life Experience they deserve—with dignity and agency throughout their final chapter.

A Message from our Co-Founders

Empowered Endings

Community support plays a critical role in transforming the dialogue around End of Life Care and legal End of Life Options.
It is a fundamental pillar in reshaping the narrative, encouraging open dialogue around a topic traditionally shrouded in silence, and helping to ensure that the needs and wishes of individuals facing terminal and life-limiting diseases are heard and respected.

Here are two powerful ways you can help:

1. Consider hosting an educational gathering in your community to share vital information and encourage open discussions around Empowered Endings’ Model of Care, California’s legal End of Life Options, or Planning for your Empowered End of Life Experience.

2. Keep our services free to those in need by donating to our Empowered Endings Foundation (501c3). Your contributions are vital for sustaining individual and group support, providing essential resources, expert guidance, and a nurturing community for patients and families facing these complex journeys.

We are honored by your commitment to our movement. Every contribution and gathering allows us to empower our community by offering vital support, education, resources and advocacy to those in need.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Bob & Elizabeth


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Free Support Groups

Through the Empowered Endings Foundation, we offer the Medical Aid in Dying Preparation Support Group and the Medical Aid in Dying Bereavement Support Group. Both groups are completely free, held via Zoom, and easy to register online.

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Financial Support for End of Life Care and Options

Financial burden should never be an obstacle to accessing the care and options we all need to create an Empowered End of Life Experience. If you or a loved one require financial assistance to ensure optimal End of Life Care or to access your End of Life Options, please reach out to apply for support to cover the cost of these vital services.

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Executive Board of Directors

Dr. Bob

Bob Uslander, MD

Founding Board Member, President

Elizabeth Uslander, MSW, MTS

Founding Board Member, Secretary

Len Gregory

Board Member, Treasurer

Bill Parker, MD

Board Member, At Large

I am very grateful to Dr. Bob Uslander and Elizabeth Uslander for all their care and assistance to my late husband and our family. Their visits to our home, thoughtful personal attention, and management of his medical and spiritual needs made his final days comfortable and content and allowed him to remain in the home that he loved with his family. Dr. Bob Uslander’s evaluation and interventions, and Elizabeth’s perceptive insights, were especially helpful and eased his crossing immensely.


They transformed a very difficult situation into a peaceful, comfortable, and spiritual experience. They were not only supportive of my mother, who was facing end of life, but also offered so much support, patience, and guidance.

[Sylvia Jennings]