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All too often, widely accepted models of care fail to deliver the promise of “do no harm” to patients and families dealing with complex and terminal illness. Outdated training and practices, insurance limitations, and other factors often prevent care providers from honoring and guiding patients with the informed and compassionate care they deserve.

Empowered Endings is here to change that narrative and rehumanize healthcare; and we’re looking for allies in a variety of healthcare professions to help us lead the charge.

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Our Medical Group is happy to receive referrals from healthcare providers and other community partners. Please take a moment to complete our two step referral form so we have the information we’ll need to follow up appropriately.

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Professional Resources

Empowered Endings professional resources are here to help healthcare professionals and end-of-life practitioners to honor and guide patients with the informed and compassionate care they deserve. Together we can change how we approach the final chapters of life, ensuring all patients and their loved ones feel heard, held and whole throughout.

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Replicate the Model

Join us in revolutionizing End of Life Care. We invite doctors and doulas across the nation to partner with Empowered Endings to create a practice in your community that offers the dignity and agency we all deserve in our final chapter. Our licensing and training focuses on helping our healthcare partners ensure individualized care and unwavering support throughout the end-of-life journeys they support, including Natural Death and End of Life Options.

The Empowered Endings Model is a proven model of End of Life Care committed to empowering patients in their complex and terminal illness journeys while ensuring support for their loved ones through personalized, whole-person, trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive care. This vital support allows patients and families to navigate these delicate and dynamic times with unparalleled grace, dignity, and comfort.

Together we can redefine compassionate care at life’s most crucial moments. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and embark on your journey in transforming End of Life Care.

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Bob and Elizabeth are just very gentle souls. There was no pressure and shared with my wife Rachel and I the many options you have to consider. It felt just like someone putting their arms around you.

[Dr. Bill Parker]

For us as a family, Bob and Elizabeth gave us the tranquility and support that we needed at that moment. It made a total difference in the way my Dad passed away. It allowed me to be the daughter and not a nurse.

[Eva Goldstein]