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"Dignity Through Every Chapter."

A rapidly changing landscape

Sometimes progress can seem slow, but perceptions and practices of End of Life Care are changing all around the world. Browse the articles and updates below to learn the latest on Empowered Endings, and End of Life Care in general. Don’t forget to check back regularly.

Recent articles:

Dr. Bob Uslander Explores End of Life Decisions in California on CBS8

According to CBS8, “nearly 4,000 terminally ill patients have opted for physician-assisted death since 2016.” In this recent feature, CBS8 interviews Dr. Bob Uslander of Empowered Endings, Patricia Feliu, wife…

End of Life Options: Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander on Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander join Deborah Kobylt for an interview where they dive into the important work that Empowered Endings does – going beyond what hospice offers by providing…

What is MAID?

End of Life Options: What is MAID?

In select jurisdictions across the United States, competent adults with terminal illnesses have the legal option to receive a prescription for life-ending medication. This process is known as Medical Aid…

End of Life Care

Who will provide your End of Life care?

The end-of-life journey is an experience filled with complex emotions, difficult decisions, and the need for comprehensive care. When facing this stage, it’s crucial to understand the available options in…

Empowered Endings

Why we do what we do:

The origins of Empowered Endings Dr. Bob Uslander, MD and Elizabeth Uslander, MSW MTS recognized that the world of healthcare needed transformation. Their experiences and shared passion for enhancing the…