In-Home End of Life Care

Highly engaged, physician care and personalized family support to ensure that dignity, comfort and peace of mind are prioritized throughout the journey.

When a loved one is dying, especially when things are changing quickly, and complex decisions need to be made, it can be scary and overwhelming.

Standard hospice, which is covered by insurance, is currently the only model of End of Life Care that most people are familiar with. While hospice provides significant value for many people, the quality of care can be inconsistent and is limited by insurance regulations in its ability to fully meet the needs of patients and families. As a result, many patients and families experience frustration, fear, and overwhelm, which adds to the struggle at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Who can you turn to for answers? Who will take the time to really understand your needs and concerns? Who will think outside the box to help you find solutions?

This is where Empowered Endings comes in – as an adjunct to, or a replacement for, hospice care. Our unique Doctor & Doula Model of Care is designed to cater to each patient’s individual needs while also providing robust companionship and guidance for their families’ emotional, grief, and spiritual needs.

Our committed and compassionate team of experts creates a village of care around each patient and family we serve–orchestrating, smoothing the way, and allowing for the most peaceful and gentle end of life journey possible for all.

Personalized Care to Meet Your Needs for End of Life Care

Assessment and Recommendations:

An expert physician consultation, which includes an extensive in-person visit to:

✓ Establish connection and learn about the values, goals and wishes of each patient;

✓ Review the current circumstances, including the medical conditions; resources and needs;

✓ Recommendations regarding treatment and care options for the patient and the family;

✓ A limited amount of post-visit coordination and follow-up to ensure that appropriate connections are made and questions are addressed;

✓ A thorough review of records and coordination with current medical providers is available at an additional cost.

Ongoing Care and Support:

Everything included in the Assessment and Recommendations plus:

✓ Ongoing oversight and coordination of care, including 24/7 availability, in-home visits, communication with collaborating providers such as your specialists or hospice team, and referrals to supportive resources, such as holistic and integrative therapies, nursing support, and more;

✓ Routine and urgent physician visits with your personal doctor, available 24/7 by phone, text or email;

✓ Routine and urgent nursing visits as needed to explore and address any changing needs, ensuring patient comfort as well as family support and education throughout the journey;

✓ Wrap-around mental, emotional, spiritual, and social support for patients and their loved ones, including access to counselors and doulas who are accessible 24/7 to provide intimate guidance aligned with the patients’ and families’ goals, wishes, and values.

✓ Access to ongoing individual or group Grief and Bereavement support and referrals for additional needs, such as final arrangements and estate management.

*Routine physician, nursing and counselor, and doula visits are scheduled and priced on the basis of each patient and family’s level of need.

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Bob and Elizabeth are just very gentle souls. There was no pressure and shared with my wife Rachel and I the many options you have to consider. It felt just like someone putting their arms around you.

[Dr. Bill Parker]

For us as a family, Bob and Elizabeth gave us the tranquility and support that we needed at that moment. It made a total difference in the way my Dad passed away. It allowed me to be the daughter and not a nurse.

[Eva Goldstein]