Doulas and Counseling

Supporting the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of patients and their loved ones.

Constant Companions

So much of modern healthcare focuses solely on the physical body and its ailments. Empowered Endings recognizes that care—especially in complex and nuanced healthcare journeys—can have a deep impact on our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, too. Our Doulas provide companionship, guidance, education and advocacy for our patients and all those who love and support them in their journeys.

We meet our patients and their families wherever they are and offer a variety of supportive options to support them in achieving the peace and ease they hope for and deserve.

Grief Counseling

The departure of a loved one can be understandably distressing. Each person’s grief journey is unique and deeply personal. We provide nourishing grief care by connecting with clients to nurture them through the pain of loss and help them discover the ongoing possibilities of life.

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Family Support

Navigating the complex and terminal illness doesn’t just affect the person writing their final chapter. It can make a profound impact on their loved ones as well. Our Family Support services are available to guide family members through their own journeys, recognizing that their experiences are valid, important, and part of their unique grieving and healing process. Our Doulas specialize in supporting loved ones in a wide variety of life stages, including Geriatric, Dementia, Palliative and End of Life Care.

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Spiritual Care

Every religion or belief system has its traditions regarding the end of life. Each person’s perspective and spirituality can be just as diverse. Empowered Endings’ Spiritual Care combines our team’s ability to meet each person in their own belief system with extensive studies on a wide variety of traditions to ensure nurturing connections and conversations that nourish each client in their soul’s truth. We offer spiritual support and guidance as unique as each client, including sacred rituals.

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Bob and Elizabeth are just very gentle souls. There was no pressure and shared with my wife Rachel and I the many options you have to consider. It felt just like someone putting their arms around you.

[Dr. Bill Parker]

For us as a family, Bob and Elizabeth gave us the tranquility and support that we needed at that moment. It made a total difference in the way my Dad passed away. It allowed me to be the daughter and not a nurse.

[Eva Goldstein]