Our Mission

Humanizing Healthcare

Empowered Endings is here to transform the way we think about and approach the final chapters of life. Those who are experiencing that transition, the people who love them, and the providers who serve them, deserve to be informed and supported throughout the journey.

We provide connection, community, education, and advocacy to patients, their families, and the professionals supporting them, in support of the movement to transform Palliative, End of Life, and Grief Care for all.

Our goal is to rewrite the tragic narratives associated with dying and grieving throughout society—from healthcare systems to politics to personal beliefs–and ensure that patients and their loved ones always have access to an Empowered End of Life Experience™ in which their decisions and dignity are honored.

Our Story

Partnering to Shift the Paradigm

When Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander met, they realized they had a shared vision to transform Aging, Palliative, and End of Life Care for all. Empowered Endings combines Bob and Elizabeth’s expertise and vision with the experience of like-minded professionals and community members to transform the way we approach the final chapters of life.

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Our Values

Permission to Choose

At Empowered Endings our values reflect our commitment to partnership and empowerment to create Empowered End of Life Experiences™ for all.

Our Approach

Reimagining Aging, Palliative and End of Life Care

At Empowered Endings, we don’t believe there’s one way to approach Aging, Palliative and End of Life Care, but we do believe everyone deserves to have an Empowered End of Life Experience™ that honors their goals, wishes, and values.

Our approach prioritizes connection, care, and listening by ensuring each person feels heard, held, and whole throughout their journey. We partner with clients to prioritize what’s important to them and the people they love.


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Bob and Elizabeth are just very gentle souls. There was no pressure and shared with my wife Rachel and I the many options you have to consider. It felt just like someone putting their arms around you.

[Dr. Bill Parker]

For us as a family, Bob and Elizabeth gave us the tranquility and support that we needed at that moment. It made a total difference in the way my Dad passed away. It allowed me to be the daughter and not a nurse.

[Eva Goldstein]