Empowered Endings Speakers

At Empowered Endings, we don’t just speak – we educate, we empower, and we advocate for change by initiating open dialogues around topics that are traditionally shrouded in silence. We are changing the narrative around End of Life Care throughout society—from healthcare systems to politics to personal beliefs.

Whether you’re seeking a compelling keynote, in-depth seminars, or specialized in-services, our team is dedicated to educating and advocating for changes in our fields of expertise. Our end of life experts serve as ambassadors for informed, compassionate care and social paradigm shifts in Palliative, End of Life and Grief Care.

Speaking Options

All options for Empowered Endings Speakers are available in-person or via online webinars. We also offer education through our Foundation at intimate parlor gatherings to support our movement to shift social paradigms. Contact us to inquire.


Dr. Bob Uslander and Elizabeth Uslander are engaging speakers who go beyond conventional discussions to explore uncharted territories in the fields of Palliative, End of Life and Grief Care. With decades of expertise providing care, education, and advocacy, they challenge common perceptions, encourage open dialogue, and spark meaningful conversations about the final chapter of life. Their presentations are insightful journeys that inspire audiences to participate in this vital movement to improve the final chapters of Life for all.

Keynote Topics:

  • Permission to Choose: Creating an Empowered End of Life Experience
  • Empowered Endings: Reimagining Palliative and End of Life Care
  • Humanizing Healthcare: Bringing Back Old Fashioned Values
  • Doctors and Doulas: Partnering to Transform End of Life Journeys
  • Family Support: A Missing Piece of the Healthcare Puzzle
  • Understanding Compassionate and Legal End of Life Options
  • Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD): A Gentle and Dignified Choice
  • Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED): A Natural Option
  • Conversations Not Crises: Planning Your End of Life Journey
  • Medicine for the Soul: Spirituality in End of Life Care
  • Transformational Grief: Turning Pain into Possibility
  • The Evolution of Relationships: Healing Connections After Loss
  • Open and Honest Conversations About Our Mortality

Seminars and In-Services

We provide education for our community—healthcare professionals, end-of-life doulas, holistic practitioners, care planners and managers, and community members—to learn more about the realities and possibilities of creating an Empowered End of Life Experience. Our seminars and in-services deliver actionable insights that can help to redefine your approach to Palliative, End of Life and Grief Care. This training and programming is also available via Empowered Endings Institute webinars.

Bring the expertise of Empowered Endings Medical Group to your healthcare organization with in-services especially designed for hospices, medical groups, hospitals, healthcare institutions, residential facilities, and other clinical settings. Our team is dedicated to facilitating open discussions and empowering your team with the knowledge and understanding needed to navigate these sensitive topics with empathy and expertise.


Signature Talk:

Permission to Choose: Creating an Empowered End of Life Experience™

Creating an Empowered End-of-Life Experience

Co-authors Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander have facilitated peaceful, and meaningful end-of-life journeys for hundreds of terminally ill patients and their families. Together they bring decades of experience in medicine and spirituality to share their vision of what’s possible with the national healthcare community and the larger public.

Within the pages of this timely and much-needed book, the Uslanders show how the fear so often associated with dying can be transformed in peace and ease; and how permission to make choices can bestow the gifts of dignity and gratitude on patients and their loved ones.

Coming Soon!

I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Bob Uslander. You were there when my husband needed you. How can I thank you for that? He was suffering from ALS and wanted to go on his own terms. A friend recommended Dr. Bob Uslander. From that point on he knew he was going to be taken care of. I only wish this service was given as an option in very beginning. To those who are on the fence about contacting this doctor, please do yourself and your loved one a favor and call. You won’t be sorry.

[Linda W.]

After the very sudden and unexpected death of my younger sister, Elizabeth Uslander was an enormous support. She was understanding, comforting and gave me a framework for my grief process. Losing someone is never easy, but with Elizabeth’s support it has been a much richer experience. I am grateful to have met her and highly recommend working with her.

[Laing R.]