Empowered Endings Medical Group

Empowered Endings Medical Group, based in San Diego, California, offers a range of services to fill the gaps in healthcare for people with complex and terminal illnesses.

Our founders, Dr. Bob Uslander and Elizabeth Uslander, and their team of experts provide unique palliative and end-of-life medical support that focuses on every aspect–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social–of our patients and their family’s well-being.

In these delicate and dynamic phases of life, patients and their loved ones deserve highly engaged, caring, and responsive providers–doctors, nurses, counselors, doulas, and advocates–who partner with them to ensure their unique needs and wishes are met, and their families are robustly supported throughout the journey.

We understand that each client deserves the most peaceful and dignified final chapters of life, so we create individualized care plans and are passionate about finding creative solutions to honor their life and values.

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Our team specializes in exploring the best treatments, environments, life-enhancing options, and end of life options that support each client in creating their unique Empowered End of Life Experience.

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Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare for Patients and Families Living with Complex and Terminal Illnesses

Empowered Endings Medical Group provides a full-spectrum of medical care and guidance for people who often don’t know where to turn.

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I am very grateful to Dr. Bob Uslander and Elizabeth Uslander for all their care and assistance to my late husband and our family. Their visits to our home, thoughtful personal attention, and management of his medical and spiritual needs made his final days comfortable and content and allowed him to remain in the home that he loved with his family. Dr. Bob Uslander’s evaluation and interventions, and Elizabeth’s perceptive insights, were especially helpful and eased his crossing immensely.


I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Bob Uslander. You were there when my husband needed you. How can I thank you for that? He was suffering from ALS and wanted to go on his own terms. A friend recommended Dr. Bob Uslander. From that point on he knew he was going to be taken care of. I only wish this service was given as an option in very beginning. To those who are on the fence about contacting this doctor, please do yourself and your loved one a favor and call. You won’t be sorry.

[Linda W.]