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At Empowered Endings, we’re pioneering a new approach to aging well, palliative and end-of-life care, and grief & bereavement—one that prioritizes dignity, agency, and support for all individuals, their loved ones, and their providers.

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Our community is where healthcare professionals, end-of-life practitioners, and community members come together to reimagine the possibilities for the final chapters of life.

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  • Access our community features including events, programming, and resources.
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Your role as a founding member goes beyond membership—it’s about co-creating a space where everyone feels heard, supported, and empowered to change the way the final chapters of life are discussed, understood, and experienced.

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We’re reshaping the way we approach aging and end-of-life experiences.

We believe that every chapter of life, including its final pages, deserves to be rich with exploration, connection, and care. Our mission is to reshape the way we approach aging and end-of-life experiences, ensuring that each individual and their loved ones are supported physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Connection: Connect with a supportive network of like-minded professionals dedicated to transforming the landscape of Palliative and End of Life Care.

Events: Engage with experts and fellow members in live discussions and trainings, where you’ll gain insights and share experiences that deepen your understanding of Aging Well, Palliative and End of Life Care, Grief and Bereavement, and more.

Resources: Enjoy on-demand access to a meticulously curated library aimed to empower you with knowledge and insight.

Expansion: Discover new avenues to address unmet needs and foster innovation and progress within the fields of Aging Well, Palliative and End of Life Care, Grief and Bereavement.

Together, we can ensure that everyone embarks on their final chapter feeling heard, held, and whole.

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Creating an Empowered End of Life Experience™

Our educational programs at the Empowered Endings Institute are rooted in the proven Empowered Endings Model of Care. Developed over nearly a decade, this model emphasizes holistic well-being, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health for patients and their support networks.

Who is This Community For?

Whether you’re a patient navigating complex illness, a caregiver supporting a loved one, a healthcare professional in Palliative Care and Hospice, or a community member seeking knowledge and preparation, our community is here for you. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative of End of Life Care, offering resources, information, and support to guide you on your journey.

As an Empowered Endings Community Member, you’ll enjoy unparalleled access to:

  • Monthly Live Trainings and Discussions with Empowered Endings Experts and Guest Experts
  • An exclusive space for sharing and exploring experiences
  • Recorded Features delving into Empowered End of Life Experiences
  • Thoughtful Posts & Prompts designed to ignite curiosity and reflection
  • A growing Resource Library covering aging well, dementia, palliative care, grief, end of life options, and more
  • Exclusive Member Discounts to further enrich your journey

Exclusive Member Events

One of the most exclusive benefits of joining the Empowered Endings Community is the access to our monthly live events featuring expert discussions and insights

These monthly live discussions are led by experts in aging well, palliative and end of life care, grief and bereavement, and other related fields. These events are designed to deepen your understanding, provide valuable insights, and give you the chance to be a part of the discussion.

Experts include:

  • Dr. Bob Uslander, Co-Founder of Empowered Endings
  • Elizabeth Uslander, Co-Founder of Empowered Endings
  • Sam Madison, Co-Founder and COO of Thanacare 
  • Kacie Gikonyo, Founder of Death Doula School
  • Jendi Durrant, RN, End of Life Educator and Guide/Doula

These experts, along with many others, will share their insights, experiences, and practical strategies to help you navigate the complexities of our final chapters.

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I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Bob Uslander. You were there when my husband needed you. How can I thank you for that? He was suffering from ALS and wanted to go on his own terms. A friend recommended Dr. Bob Uslander. From that point on he knew he was going to be taken care of. I only wish this service was given as an option in very beginning. To those who are on the fence about contacting this doctor, please do yourself and your loved one a favor and call. You won’t be sorry.

[Linda W.]

After the very sudden and unexpected death of my younger sister, Elizabeth Uslander was an enormous support. She was understanding, comforting and gave me a framework for my grief process. Losing someone is never easy, but with Elizabeth’s support it has been a much richer experience. I am grateful to have met her and highly recommend working with her.

[Laing R.]