Our Approach

Connection, Care and Listening

At Empowered Endings, we don’t believe there’s one way to approach aging and the supportive care that everyone deserves to honor their goals, wishes, and values.

Our Medical Group offers a comprehensive and customizable suite of services to serve our clients’ physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing. We emphasize robust planning, family support, and professional collaboration as crucial elements in shaping a fulfilling life.

Our approach prioritizes connection, care, and listening. By partnering with our patients, we learn what’s important to them and the people they love so we can co-create a flexible plan that centers around our clients’ needs. Our goal is to ensure each person feels heard, held, and whole throughout their journey.

Providing an Ecosystem of Empowerment

Empowered Endings was established to ensure an Empowered End of Life Experienceis the rule, not the exception.

As healthcare professionals, educators, and advocates, we approach Aging, Palliative, and End of Life Care from every angle–ensuring dignity and agency for patients, families, and the providers who support them. Our model of care–now proven after seven (7) years of success supporting hundreds of patients and families throughout Southern California and beyond–is the foundation of our education, resources, community and charitable work.

Seven Pillars of Care

Through decades of experience supporting patients, families and collaborating providers in navigating complex and terminal illness, Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander have identified the missing links to ensuring an Empowered End of Life Experience for all. The Empowered Endings Model of Care is designed to fill the major gaps in the traditional healthcare system with these these seven (7) pillars of care.

The Empowered Endings 7 Pillars of Care

1) Personal doctor-patient relationships: an engaged physician offering intensive, personalized, trauma-preventative, culturally-competent care and counsel;

2) Guidance and companionship with doulas: emotional, spiritual, and grief support from end of life, grief and dementia doulas throughout the final chapters and beyond;

3) Personalized 24/7 support for families: a team of experts answering the pressing questions that families have as they navigating the journey alongside their loved ones;

4) Collaboration with care partners: communication with healthcare professionals, care planners and managers, holistic practitioners, and doulas to ensure comprehensive care;

5) Enhancing quality-of-life with therapies: access to traditional, alternative and holistic therapies variably available in the insurance-based model;

6) Specialized end-of-life option support: unique expertise educating, advocating and providing care for legal end of life options, including Medical Aid in Dying and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking;

7) Robust, proactive end-of-life planning: ensuring that those who wish to design a gentle and dignified death have the information, resources, and support to do so.

Empowered Endings is here to reimagine the way we think about and navigate the final chapters. Those experiencing the transitions that come with aging, complex care, and end of life, the people who love them, and the providers who serve them deserve to be fully supported–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially–throughout.

Bob and Elizabeth are just very gentle souls. There was no pressure and shared with my wife Rachel and I the many options you have to consider. It felt just like someone putting their arms around you.

[Dr. Bill Parker]

For us as a family, Bob and Elizabeth gave us the tranquility and support that we needed at that moment. It made a total difference in the way my Dad passed away. It allowed me to be the daughter and not a nurse.

[Eva Goldstein]