Posted on June 24th, 2024

Creating Gentle, Empowered Endings: Dr. Bob Uslander on Best Life, Best Death Podcast

In the latest episode of the Best Life, Best Death Podcast, Dr. Bob Uslander, a pioneer in end-of-life care and Co-founder of Empowered Endings, joins host, end-of-life doula, and coach  Diane Hullet to discuss the gaps in the current healthcare system and explore ways to empower individuals and families facing complex and terminal illnesses. 

This episode touches on many key points including:

1. Identifying Gaps in End-of-Life Care: Dr. Uslander and Diana explore the shortcomings of the current healthcare system, particularly in palliative and hospice care, discussing how families often find themselves overwhelmed and under-supported, not knowing where to start making empowered choices.

2. The Importance of Comprehensive Support: They emphasize the critical need for holistic support for patients and their loved ones. Gaps in physician engagement, caregiver support, and ongoing companionship often create frustrating experiences for everyone involved, including patients, caregivers, and practitioners.

3. Understanding End of Life Options: Dr. Uslander and Diana delve into the importance of making informed decisions at the end of life. By identifying and understanding choices, you and your loved ones can create connection and meaning during your loved one’s final chapters.

4. Building a Supportive Village: Dr. Uslander shares how impactful it can be to have a supportive community where everyone contributes–providing compassionate care, support, and guidance for individuals facing complex or terminal illnesses and their loved ones.  

This thought-provoking episode will help you gain a deeper understanding of how we can all work towards transforming end-of-life experiences for ourselves and our loved ones.

Listen to the full episode below or on the Best Life Best Death website here.