“Why do we treat pets with more dignity than we treat people?”

We hear this question so often, from patients and loved ones.

Our response?

We Don’t!

What is Empowered Endings?


To deliver education and training programs that teach the tools and principles foundational to the Empowered End Of Life Experience,™ and to build a community of Empowered End of Life Experts dedicated to furthering the Empowered Endings movement.


To serve as leaders in the field of End of Life Care and to improve End of Life Care for all.


Teaching the Empowered End of Life Experience
Creating the Empowered End of Life Experience
Guiding the Empowered End of Life Experience
Supporting the Empowered End of Life Experience

Who created Empowered Endings?

Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander founded Empowered Endings to share the wisdom of their experience empowering End of Life journeys. They share a passion for honoring dignity and choice in life and death, which serves as the foundation for all of their work.

Elizabeth’s expertise in the fields of grief, end of life, family dynamics and spirituality is shaped by decades of education and experience in ministry and social work, combined with her personal journey of healing. She founded her counseling practice, Voyages, to provide transformational support not traditionally available in the medical model.

Dr. Bob’s expertise culminates from 30 years as an emergency medicine, palliative care and hospice physician. His personal journey with loss of patients, friends and family informs and inspires his commitment to filling the gaps in our broken healthcare system.

In 2016, Dr. Bob founded Integrated MD Care, an innovative medical practice designed to fill those gaps. Elizabeth joined the practice the following year, at which point they co-created their “Medicine for the Body and the Soul” model of End of Life Care. Together, they have guided and cared for hundreds of patients and families in their Empowered End of Life Experiences.

Dr. Bob and Elizabeth’s partnership has since blossomed into a marriage of their hearts and minds, culminating in the creation of Empowered Endings. Their vision is to improve End of Life Care for all, by empowering patients, families, healthcare providers and institutions to soothe the fear and suffering that too often afflicts the dying and grieving process.

How to contact Empowered Endings?

(202) 880-4746


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